Role of Nace Health Pro

The roles of NACEHealthPro are to provide the four health professions with expertise in examination development and administration, and to take leadership in advancing health professions assessment and research on health professions assessment in Indonesia, the latter aimed at improving assessment practice.  The first role of NACEHealthPro is its service role; the latter is its academic role.  In its service role, NACEHealthPro will work with health professions schools and professional bodies to develop high quality examinations, which permit valid decisions on the competence of their graduating students.  The professions will retain full control over the content of the examinations and in setting the standards that define the passing scores on the examinations.   NACEHealthPro will work with the professions to ensure the technical quality (clarity, validity, reliability) of their tests and test materials (MCQs and OSCE stations), to ensure the standards set for the examinations accurately reflect the judgment of the profession about what constitutes minimally acceptable levels of performance for their graduating students, to ensure the effectiveness and consistency of the test administrations across multiple sites, and to provide feedback to all educational, professional and government stakeholders regarding the performance of students and the implications of the students’ performance to health  professions education policy and decisions.   In this service role, NACEHealthPro is serving as an expert resource to each health profession, to ensure an effective assessment process (test development and administration) and correct interpretation and use of assessment results.  NACEHealthPro is not a decision-making agency; rather, decisions pertaining to all aspects of the assessment process remain the responsibility of each profession (e.g., which items should be on the test, what is the passing score).